Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wanna Be Here?

Then come to Alaska! This lovely lodge can be your home away from home on the Glacier Bay National Park photo tour coming up in August. We stay here for 5 glorious days on our trip to photograph whales, sea otters, puffins, glaciers, and gorgeous scenery. Details here

You don't want to miss this trip, or this lodge. Only 5 spaces left!

This shot was made with an iPhone 6. I rarely use my iPhone camera function, but it worked well for this shot. I was standing at the top of the stairs, and with the nice wide angle view the iPhone provides, it gave great coverage of the lodge's lobby. I propped my elbows on the banister to steady the shot, since when shooting with a smartphone you never know what your shutter speed will be.

Because of how bright it was outside, the lobby interior was a bit underexposed. But as usual, Lightroom came to the rescue. By using the Shadows slider to lighten up the interior, the shot looks much better. When dealing with dark images in Lightroom, do NOT use the Exposure slider except as a lost resort. The Exposure slider changes everything in the image, and had I used it for this shot everything would have gotten lighter, including the areas outside the windows and the lights in the antler chandelier. Instead, the Shadows slider just affected the areas that needed it, and left the light areas alone.

Shutter Speed 1/30 sec.  Aperture f/2.2.  ISO 160.  Apple iPhone 6.  Handheld.

TODAY'S QUOTE: "The real problem is not whether machines think, but whether men do."  --B.F. Skinner

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