Tuesday, January 26, 2016

After The Storm

While most of the east coast was getting hammered with last weekend's huge snowstorm, here at the Outer Banks of North Carolina we were getting hit with torrential rains. This grassy field was transformed into a temporary lake. And that provided an unusual delicate reflection where there normally is none.

The horizon line is fairly centered, resulting in a balanced composition. A centered horizon usually conveys a sense of peace and calm.

The horizontal cloud formations tied in with the stripes on the lighthouse, and added a bit of interest to the background. 

The Graduated Filter in Lightroom was used to darken the sky at the top, and the water-covered grass at the bottom. Use of this technique added more punch than was there on the bright sunny morning.

Shutter Speed 1/250 sec. Aperture f/18.  ISO 400.  Lens: Sigma 15mm f/2.8 diagonal fisheye. Camera: Canon 7D Mark II.  Handheld.

TODAY'S QUOTE: "Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse, while all the others were making ships."  --Charles Simic

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