Friday, April 11, 2014

Color Harmony

Today is the last day of the Songbirds Photo Workshop Part 2. It has been another wonderful group of happy campers. Everyone has been good-humored, easy-going, and each person has created beautiful images. The sheer number of birds has been amazing, and the action has been exciting.

This landing zone with pansies in the background was the perfect spot for a yellow bird to light. But it was just not happening. I waited and waited. And waited. And waited. But finally this tiny pine warbler landed in exactly the right spot.

When photographing wildlife of any kind, patience is crucial. Often many minutes or sometimes hours pass while you wait for the action to occur. During those times it is important to keep an eye on other action as well. While you wait, you don’t want to miss other action or species that are also photo-worthy.

So multi-tasking, at least mentally, is crucial. And when you are finally rewarded with what you had hoped for, the feeling is sweet!

Shutter Speed 1/200.  Aperture f/9.  ISO 400.  Lens: Canon 200-400mm f/4L IS with 2x extender for an effective focal length of 546mm.  Camera: Canon 5D Mark III.  Gitzo tripod with Really Right Stuff ballhead and Wimberley Sidekick.

TODAY’S QUOTE: “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”  --Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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