Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Attention To Details

Regardless of the subject, paying attention to details can make all the difference. This is a beautiful scene in Alaska that would look good with almost any composition. But it is made even better by paying attention to small details that enhance and strengthen the composition.

Look at the position of the large rock on the right. It is partially framed by the water, rather than touching the shoreline on the other side of the lake. I knew I wanted the rock to be a pivotal point in the image and that would not have happened if it did not stand out.

Now look at the curve of the shoreline. It is important that the curve shows, and leads the eye into the image and around the lake.

By carefully looking through the viewfinder you can determine the placement of each important element relative to the other elements. Take your time, move around, see if a higher or lower camera position can improve the composition. 

Shutter Speed 1/640 sec.  Aperture f/7.1.  ISO 400.  Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS set at 70mm. Camera: Canon 5D Mark III.  Handheld.

TODAY'S QUOTE: "Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come."  -Perry Paxton

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