Saturday, March 28, 2015

Charleston Charm

I can't wait to return to Charleston, SC in May. While I would never characterize myself as a city gal, I do love Charleston. Its lovely historic homes, sweeping plantations, huge live oak trees draped with spanish moss, and fabulous world class restaurants combine to make it the perfect place for a photo tour.

This gorgeous 17th century home has it all  -  lovely entryway with hand-wrought gates, massive front door with beautifully arched frame, original brickwork and windows. These kinds of photo ops are all over town, with one eye-catching subject after another.

When shooting architecture with so many details, it helps to take a few minutes before starting to shoot to just look at all the elements and decide how to approach it best. Usually a combination of close-ups and long views will cover the subject well. When photographing this house, I decided to start with the impressive entryway, and used the brick columns and gates as a framing device for the massive door which is the center of interest.

The curved brickwork above the windows repeats the curved shape of the doorway, and adds interest. Repeating shapes is something to keep in mind when photographing any subject. It helps to tie elements together and improves compositional strength.

I also took shots closer up of just the doorway in order to have a variety of different views to choose from. It is a good practice to shoot subjects from a variety of angles, especially when traveling. You never know when or if you will return to that location, and the more variety you capture, the more options you will have to work with once you return home.

Click here for details on the Charleston Charm photo tour, May 17 -  21.

Shutter Speed 1/80 sec.  Aperture f/8.  ISO 800.  Lens: Canon 17-40mm f/4L, set at 27mm.  Camera: Canon 5D Mark III.  Handheld.

TODAY'S QUOTE: "We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment."   --Hilaire Belloc


  1. Sigh - just the IDEA, especially this year, of Charleston in May...

    1. Well come on and join me in Charleston, Cricket!! Would love to see you. --Mollie

    2. Wish I could, but alas the schedule doesn't work. Are you coming to Amherst?

    3. Sorry it won't work for you, Cricket. No, unfortunately I will not be at Amherst this year. Maybe next year.