Monday, January 19, 2015

Shaped By Water, Wind, and Time

My whirlwind trip in the desert southwest has been going well with stops at several iconic places including Antelope Canyon. The lovely slot canyon is world famous, and presents many opportunities to photograph swirling shapes and rich colors.

In this canyon, photographs can be made almost anywhere. You just have to slow down and look, really look, at the rock formations and how they relate to one another. Look for line and shape. Look for separation between the elements. Look for variations in lighting to add interest.

These tips can apply to many different subjects, not just slot canyons. Try to consider all possibilities when out shooting. Keep a careful eye on the histogram, shutter speeds and f-stops. Being alert and aware will help you get better pictures, regardless of the subject.

Shutter Speed 1.3 seconds.  Aperture f/5.6.  ISO 400.  Lens: Canon 17-40mm set at 40mm.  Camera: Canon 5D Mark III, Gitzo tripod with Really Right Stuff ballhead.

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  1. Dear Mollie
    Your photograph is beautiful. I have always heard that slot canyon is a very special place. I have actually been considering a trip there next month, February, as part of a Western adventure trip. Are you offering any workshops to this iconic place any time soon? If not, do you take people, one on one out, for the day?