Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Happy Holidays!!


While these penguins were not decked out in holiday attire when I photographed them last December in Antarctica, I thought they deserved a little dressing up for this year's holiday season. These Chinstrap Penguins are comical and jaunty little things, and a joy to watch.

They are helping me wish you a 
VERY Happy Holiday!

Whether you celebrate
Boxing Day
or a day of your choosing
I wish you a very happy, peaceful, joyous, 
and uplifting holiday season.

May we be grateful and rejoice in what we have - 
whether it is family, friends, health, peace, security, 
or just being alive. This is a time to celebrate 
and look forward to a better and brighter year ahead.

I hope to see you at a Photo Workshop or online Webinar in 2021.


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