Monday, December 14, 2015

Beauty On Ice

These gulls and kittiwakes were cooling their heels on a small floating iceberg in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. This is an amazing place with its many glaciers, icebergs, and incredibly blue-green water. Were it not for the icebergs and rugged mountain scenery, you might think you were looking at water in the Caribbean.

The glacial water is just one of Alaska's many charms. It provides opportunities to photograph some of the most enticing sea animals like humpback whales, sea otters, and puffins still in breeding plumage, plus those spectacular mountain scenes.

We will be among one of the greatest concentrations of glaciers left on our planet, while comfortably lodged at the edge of one of the last wilderness areas.

This was an incredible sold-out trip last August. And it is being repeated in August  2016. Glacier Bay is a wonderland of whales, sea lions, puffins, sea otters, mist-draped mountains, and a huge variety of wildlife. We will have 3 day trips on the water on boats chartered just for us in search of whales and all manner of sea life. Our naturalist captain knows where the action is and will do his best to get us there. The waters are generally calm and we can easily shoot from the boat.

For more details about this trip, email us at, or call 757-773-0194. Only 5 spaces left.

Shutter Speed  1/1000 sec.  Aperture f/14.  ISO 800.  Lens: Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II, set at 255mm.  Camera: Canon 7D Mark II.  Handheld.

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